Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Murder Confession Produces Clean Laundry

According to today's New York Daily News, a Brooklyn man confessed to a friend that he had murdered two women and didn't want to go back to jail.

The two women had been found in the man's apartment on Saturday, the day he had moved in with his friend.

So, after hearing that his new room mate had just murdered two women (and had put one of them in his refrigerator for safe keeping) and was considering suicide, what does the friend do? According to the Daily News,
...the friend left to do laundry.
Yeah, that's the first thing that I would do, too....right?

In any case, when the friend returned to his apartment the man had shot and killed himself with a bullet in his head.

I've heard of airing out your dirty laundry, but this is ridiculous!

Bonus Info: In addition to the two dead women, the police, while searching the man's apartment, also found a chain saw and several hockey masks. They believe that the man, "a paroled robber, may have simply stolen the tool to sell."