Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I Looked Over Jordan, and What Did I See....?

Well, I'm signing off on blogging for the next two weeks. I'll be leaving tomorrow for a two week "study leave" that will take me half-way around the world. I'll be spending well over a week going to, visiting and then returning from the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. I'll be joining over 40 other Presbyterian pastors and other assorted Reformed Calvinists on a tour of what the Jordanian Tourist Board has begun touting as, "The Other Holy Land."

Petra, Jerash, Karnak, Amman, John the Baptist's baptizing spot on the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Mt. Nebo, Medaba, Wadi Rum and more will be my daily fare for the tour.

On my way back I will spend three full days in Manhattan, hanging loose and visiting places I haven't had the time to visit before....Ground Zero (the towers were still there the last time I visited NY), Harlem, Guggenheim Museum and maybe the United Nations Building (last visited there in 1966). I might even purchase a "day of performance" discount ticket to a Broadway show (obviously, one that is not "sold out" like "Spamalot".....still, one can hope!).

When I return and catch my breath I will post some stuff about the trip including some photos.

Until then, Aloha In Jesus. I'll be back soon, Insha allah!