Monday, September 26, 2005

Spain Convicts Al-Qaeda Suspects for Doing What the US 9/11 Commission Said They Didn't Do!

It's hard to figure this out. When the US 9/11 Commission turned in their final report they concluded that Mohammed Atta, the ringleader for the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. had only made certain visits to Europe under certain circumstances (ie. only using his own name rather than an alias) and that he did not meet with an Iraqi agent in Prague, despite of the Czech government's insistance that he did.

Well, today Spain convicted several people of supporting Atta in helping to make the attacks both fully funded, supported and coordinated. Included in the charges is the assertion that Atta was provided with false ID (something which the 9/11 Commission discounted. One of the co-conspiritors convicted was Ramzi Binsalshibh who is important insofar as it was his testimony that convinced the 9/11 Commission that Atta had not, in fact, gone to Prague.

It seems that the Commission might want to rethink some of its conclusions in light of Spain's successful prosecution of these unreconcilable charges. Someone has got to be wrong here and it looks like the 9/11 Commission still has some explaining to do.

If Atta did, in fact, meet with an Iraqi agent in Prague as he was making final preparations for the attacks, then it raises the question....Could it be that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11 attacks after all? And why was the 9/11 Commission so eager to dismiss and discount this meeting?

OTHER NEWS: It is reported that the #2 al Qaeda operative in Iraq was killed today in a gunfight in Baghdad today. Eventually getting Zarqawi himself will not end the "insurgency," of course, but it would break the aura of invincibility that gives the lie to the radical Islamic jihadis that Allah is supporting and protecting them in this reign of terror.

As these top operators are picked off one by one they will be quickly replaced by others, equally commited and passionate but....and this is important.....not as competent. The declining quality of the communications, command, coordination, funding, linking new recruits with existing cells and the like is quickly bringing the Iraqi terrorist networking to a state of collapse.

As long as there are cars, explosives and people willing to blow themselves up there will be acts of terrorism directed against US troops and Iraqis. But the acts will become increasingly random and desparate as the experienced, trained and respected leadership continues to fall by the wayside.

I am hopeful that slowly but surely we are still making progress in creating a safe and sane Iraq. In any case, we should be glad that there is one less person willing and able and eager to blow up worshiping Muslims, bomb women and children and behead infidels.