Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hamas Turns Gaza Synogogue Into Weapons Museum

Despots and slimeballs love to take other folks' religious shrines and defile them. The Romans, after capturing Jerusalem in 70 AD sacrificed a pig in the Jewish Temple before dismantling it stone by stone. In Africa and the Middle East, thousands of Christian churches have been converted into mosques. When I was in the old USSR, Kazan Cathedral in Leningrad (a city now called by its historic name, St. Petersburg) had been transformed into a Museum of Atheism. Another former church was being used as a sports and recreation facility.

Now that the Palestinian Authority has taken charge of Gaza (sure they have) Hamas has apparently decided that blowing up abandoned synagogues is not enough and a waste of good buildings besides. Today they announced that they were going to convert a synagogue into a........well, read the story for yourself:
WASHINGTON - Emboldened by Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and part of the West Bank, Hamas yesterday announced its plan to turn a synagogue in Netzarim into a museum that would display weapons employed by the terrorist group’s members against Israeli civilians.
Oh, sure these folks want peace. Where in Israel do we find a museum dedicated to displaying the weapons that kill Palestinians? Where, even once, have we seen the Israeli occupying army defile a single Muslim mosque in the West Bank or Gaza?

Armed Palestinians, on the other hand, thought nothing of seizing the Church of the Nativity in Bethlelem some years ago, holding the Christian leadership hostage, peeing and deficating inside the church and using pages torn from Bibles as toilet paper.

Hamas again and again has demonstrated that it is a vile, hateful and evil organization that views the death of Jewish women and children as something to celebrate. It is fascist in its intolerance of others and offers nothing but death and destruction for those who follow its path to hell.

It does not matter in the least what Hamas members have suffered in the past. Nothing.....I mean absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing, can justify their consuming, murderous, hate-driven, genocidal behavior towards the Jewish people.

"Oh," say their apologists, "but look at all the good they are doing to provide supplemental financial support for the poor, the educational programs they support, the medical clinics, the social organization of the oppressed. The people love them and follow them because Hamas alone supports them in their misery."

Bunk! Hamas cares about the "refugees" and other Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank only insofar as they can be used and manipulated to further Hamas' plans to destroy Israel and kill every Jew they can find.

Any Palestinian who does not support Hamas or, even worse, publically questions their influence, power, presence and behavior, is in danger of being accused of being a Jewish sympathizer and then murdered or executed.

The Palestinian people are cowed in the same way that the German people were cowed under the iron boots of the Nazi SS.

One can only wonder what Hamas would do if it gained full access to East Jerusalem as the Palestinian Authority continues to demand.

Faith is certainly not a central factor in their philosophy. They will kill a fellow Muslim without a thought and blow them up on Israeli buses along with Jewish children.

The Bible tells us that "Pride goeth before a fall." Pride will prevent Hamas and its supporters from ever accepting anything less than the total and complete elimination of the nation of Israel from the face of the earth. Pride will prevent Hamas from ever accepting or agreeing to any compromise "peace settlement."

Pride has already brought about the demise and fall of the once proud, productive and peaceful people of Palestine. Wherever they have gone, to the West Bank (then Western Jordan) after the newly established nation of Israel defeated their resistance, to Jordan itself after the 1972 Yom Kippur War, into southern Lebanon following the disaster known as Black September, and now, once again, back to the West Bank and Gaza, the so-called Palestinian "leaders" of every stripe and color have brought nothing but death, despair and destruction to their people.

Even if Israel should call it quits, forsake the "land of promise" and move every Jew in the Middle East to South America, does anyone really think that Hamas or the Palestinian Authority or al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade or al Qaeda or Fatah would ever improve on what Israel has done with the land it has nurtured and developed over the past 75 years or so? Does anyone truly believe that the foundational values, vision and ethics of these people could bring anything but a total breakdown of everything good and beautiful that Israel has planted in the Middle East?

Hamas and its kind offer the world and their own people nothing.

Except, perhaps, the awe-inspiring achievement of converting a Jewish house of worship into a weapons museum.