Thursday, September 22, 2005

Loopy Afghan Election Clause Just Might Give the Wrong Idea......

It's called simply, "The Assassination Clause."

As Afghanistan prepares to hold its first free parliamentary elections in thirty years this coming weekend it remains a complete mystery as to who will win and who will lose the hundreds of contested seats.

One thing, however, is clear. If the winner of an election has the bad luck to find themselves assassinated they needn't worry about how their replacement will be chosen or even who it would be.

A BBC report tells us that some concern has been expressed

.....about what has come to be known here as the assassination clause - it allows losing candidates to take the place of the winners if they happen to be killed.
Yep. Sounds good on paper, doesn't it. If the person the people choose to lead them is killed just go ahead and replace him with the person the people voted to reject.

You don't suppose the losers will be tempted to give this clause a shot, do you? (Oops, bad choice of word).

Somehow, when Jesus said that "the last will be first and the first will be last" I do not think he had the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan in mind.