Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Goes Mano a Mano With Brian Montopoli

On September 28th, CBS’s Brian Montopoli ran a post on a subject that he termed, “Journo-Bloggers.”

National Master-Blogger extraordinaire, Hugh Hewitt, was not amused by Montopoli’s effort (although he said “this is really funny”), especially when it came to this line:

If someone is known primarily as a blogger, even if they've published in traditional media outlets, they won't be on the list – which means people like Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan, and Hugh Hewitt are out. (Though Hewitt, who has a radio show, is right on the line.)
The usually effusive Hugh could only manage an almost inaudible “Egad” in response.

Not one to leave any turn unstoned, Hugh brought Montopoli onto his radio show later that afternoon for a friendly grilling.

Hugh attempted to score a quick point by challenging Brian’s definition of “Journo-Blogging.” The argument fell flat, however, since Brian had coined the term himself and was certainly free to define it in any way he wanted to, Hugh’s protestations not withstanding.

Hugh then appeared to hit home with body shot aimed at the “clear liberal bias” represented by Brian’s disproportionately liberal-leaning list of bloggers. This was followed by several jabs at Brian’s omission of several well-known conservative bloggers from his “Journo” list.

Unfortunately, this seemingly effective assault was quickly disqualified as a “low blow” when Brian explained that he had emailed Hugh asking for his input and that Hugh had failed to respond.

Hugh, stunned by the call, argued that he had not replied to the request because he did not wish to be seen as aiding and abetting anyone at CBS with anything!

At this point the referee should have simply “called the fight” on the basis of “flagrant duplicity” on the part of Hugh.

It was suddenly apparent that Hugh had given Brian the “cold shoulder” and that Brian had “counter-punched” by leaving Hugh “right on the line,” and deservedly so.

Had Hugh responded to Brian’s email I have no doubt that the article would have included Hugh (and others that Hugh might have suggested) on his “Journo-Blogging” list.

Alas, the “Public Eye” of CBS came out looking more open-minded and noble than the California State Sommelier himself.

One is reduced to uttering the only epithet worthy of this misadventure: “Egad!”