Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Iraqi Bomb Victim Tells It Like It Is

The New York Daily News (which I read while eating my breakfast in Manhattan this morning) quotes a surviving victim of the suicide bomb blast that killed over 30 Iraqi's in Tall Afar yesterday,
We didn't notice him. He drove so fast in his car. He picked the most crowded area, where people were gathered near the food ration store. I don't thiink those terrorists know the meaning of God, and they don't have the least right to claim that they're religious.
Point One: The injured Iraqi should be told immediately that the bomber was not a "terrorist" but an "insurgent." You would think that those Iraqi folks would have conformed into using the proper "politically correct" euphemisms by now.

Point Two: Al-Qaeda's number two man Zawahiri's worst fears (as expressed in his recently released private letter to Zarqawi) have been realized. Ordinary Iraqis no longer consider that these insane terrorists have anything to do with Islam at all.

Point Three: If this Iraqi man's opinion is widespread among the Iraqi people then it should be obvious that the "insurgent/terrorist" battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq has been lost.

Point Four: If Point Three is correct, then Al Qaeda's dream of setting up a populist Islamist government in Iraq has already been transformed from a dream into a nightmare.

It would seem that the more Iraqis that Zarqawi kills, the sooner the radical, international Islamist movement will fade into historical impotence and oblivion.

These spiritually and morally bankrupt fiends have already lost the war in Iraq. They can continue to kill people (any idiot can do that.....and these people are little more than creative, sophisiticated idiots) but they will never lay claim to any pro-active power in that country.

There are still those, especially among the al Sadr Shi'ites, who pose a potentially divisive threat to the unity and peace of the new, emerging nation of Iraq. But killing people is not necessarily the same thing as fighting a war with the possibility of winning it.

Hopefully, the world media will understand this someday soon.