Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NY Times & Paul Krugman Worse Off than Previously Thought

Two days ago I strongly criticized the New York Times editorial and writing staff as well as their columnists for politicizing the disaster response and for skewing the facts when they weren't simply making them up out of thin air.

One of my biggest scowls was for columnist Paul Krugman who, among other things, cited the non-use of the USS Bataan, supposedly sitting unused, off the coast of Louisiana, as an example of Federal ineptitude.

Although I cited several obvious flaws in this logic, Power Line provides the real story about the heroic efforts of the crew of the USS Bataan in rescue and relief operations at the very time that Krugman was tooting his tin horn and proclaiming that they were doing nothing.

Krugman owes it to these brave men and women, and to the entire US armed forces of which they form a part, a heartfelt apology for his demeaning and self-serving misrepresentation of their service in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Surely, he will mention this in his next column?

One can dream......