Monday, September 05, 2005

Gaza City Blast Kills Four--A Quicky "Whodunnit"

A large explosion ripped through a home in Gaza this evening, killing four and injuring at least 30 others. A Hamas spokesman (representing the violent organization that has sworn to destroy Israel) quickly accused Israel of hitting the house, a known residence of Hamas supporters, with a rocket. Israel, however, said that they had not conducted any military action in the area today.

Nearby residents said that the explosion was likely caused by a failed effort to make a bomb, setting off a cache of explosives hidden in the house.

It appears that we have a classic case of "he said/she said."

Hmmm. How do we sort this out......

Given the known track record of Israel quickly taking responsibility when it does make attacks in Palestinian areas; and given the known track record of Hamas to pile lies upon lies, I think it goes without saying who I am inclined to believe. What about you?