Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Blog Beg" for Katrina Follow-Up

One week ago the blogosphere started a fundraising campaign for Katrina hurricane relief. My post concerning my participation in this campaign can be found here.

As of today, as compiled by Truth Laid Bare,

1850 blogs

representing 35 different countries

raised a total of

$1,321,088 for 172 different charities

I can't cite the source but I heard somewhere today that there have already been $500,000,000 in charitable donations made in the past week in response to Hurricane Katrina relief.

Is there another country in the world that could generate that amount of private donations that quickly?

The small number of looters and thugs in the flooded and otherwise abandoned streets of New Orleans do not represent America.

It is the massive outpouring of love, money, supplies and volunteer effort in response to the suffering that is the true measure of a country.

I would like to think that the verdict is in:

The heart of America is healthy

....and good!