Monday, September 05, 2005

Levees Repaired; Task of Draining Flood Water Begins

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Placing massive sandbags at the 17th Street Canal levee on Sunday

Here is an encouraging report taken from CNN News:

Levee repaired

Most New Orleans streets are filled with stagnant, fetid waters streaked with iridescent oil and smelling of garbage, human waste and death.

Local officials expressed concern that the conditions could lead to the widespread outbreak of disease.

The military was considering the use of its planes to spray for mosquitoes in areas where standing water could become a breeding ground for the insects, which can carry West Nile virus, an official told CNN.

The Army Corps of Engineers said Monday that repair crews had patched the ruptured levee along the 17th Street Canal and have begun pumping out water, a process that will take months.

The mouth of the breached London Avenue Canal has also been closed, except for a small gap to allow water to drain back out into Lake Pontchartrain, the Corps reported.