Monday, August 22, 2005

The Iraqi Constitution Is Still "On-Track"...Barely

A Draft Constitution for Iraq was completed today....but without the support of the Sunni members of the committee. Instead of trying to ram it through the legislature, thereby disenfranchising every Iraq Sunni, the committee majority carefully considered the matter and, bravely and intelligently, decided to wait three more days to find some way to bring the Sunni's "on board."

There are, of course, many different ways to "read" this unfolding drama.

For me, the most remarkable thing is that all three major political groups, Sunni, Kurd & Shi'ite, all seem to agree that they are all Iraqis and that the unity of the nation represents a higher priority than squeezing out the last, minute concession to benefit their own particular constituency.

Power Line's John Hinderocker has posted a brief, succinct and, I believe, correct analysis of what is taking place in Baghdad. He is optimistic and, until I discover something that proves me wrong, I am, too!