Friday, August 19, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Opens a "Blog of the Week" Contest

Dear Hugh,

Remember what Rick Warren said in The Purpose-Driven Life? "It's not about you!"

This is the first sentence of Chapter One. But there's a catch. At the end of the sentence there is a microscopic superscript 1. At the bottom of the page is another just like it followed by these microscopic words: "This is true in all cases except for any contest sponsored by Hugh Hewitt in which case it is about him!"

So, now you've come up with a contest about yourself and your show. Any blogger who listens to any or all of your daily 3-hours of brilliant and erudite commentary (not to mention your witty repartee with Duane) gets a chance to post a blog entry of 300 words or less in response to some point that you made on your show that week.

This means, of course, that your fans will have to actually listen to your show once in a while if they are to qualify for the contest. For some of us that means finding some excuse to leave our office and sneak a quick trip somewhere in our car with the radio on. Just one spin around the block ought to be enough to write 300 words.

You claim that the winner will have "bragging rights." Maybe even a guest appearance on your show.

Personally, I would enjoy the opportunity to do a little bragging. Unfortunately, my wonderful wife and three daughters don't know who Hugh Hewitt is nor do they really care. I'm afraid they wouldn't be very impressed even if I won.

So....I have not yet decided whether to enter or not. The competition could tough. If Lileks decides to submit an entry he'll win every time!