Saturday, April 16, 2005

"No Draft! No Recruitment!" No Army?

Believe it or not, retired General Ramsey Clark's International Action Center is hosting the "National Conference Against the Draft & Military Recruiting."

Now I'm not a big proponent of a peace-time draft (I say "peace-time" because, although there is a "war on terror" going on it does not rise to the level of conflict requiring national mobilization). But neither is anyone else that I know of (except for U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y who introduced a bill last year requiring a period of mandatory military or civilian service for American men and women between the ages of 18-26 and then voted against it, and Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who were the only two Congressmen to vote for it).
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As for military recruitment, I hope that this conference is not against recruiting offices where young men and women can walk in, discuss military careers and sign-up if they so choose.

Further, I hope that this conference is not against the use of military recruiters' use of radio, magazine, television and newspaper to promote and advertise whatever advantages of military service they feel might be attractive to young people.

Even further, I hope that this conference is not against the military advertising in college/university publications or even making scheduled presentations on campus just like any other professional or corporate employer.

At the very least, I should think that what is being opposed is most certainly the presence of recruiting offices and officers "on campus" as well as the presence of ROTC programs. My guess is that these would be infringing on the students constitutional right to attend school in a "military-free educational zone."
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It seems obvious to some that a college campus should, in all cases, resemble the real world as little as possible.

Political beliefs should not be allowed to reflect the nation as a whole. Nor should

Religious beliefs be tolerated or respected in the same way that the Constitution requires from those who exist "off-campus."

Freedom of speech is also a relative issue where, off-campus, anyone can say anything, but on-campus, any comment deemed to be offensive to a member of a group perceived to have minority status in the outside world shall at all costs be mocked, shouted down and threatened if not actually forbidden.

The presence of anything representing governmental authority is likewise unacceptable on campus. This would be far too much like reality. And every college/university student knows that "unreality" is what their education is all about! Where else can a young person go to enjoy life in an "alternative universe" if not college?

Government, law, the US Constitution and military service are all important parts of American life. All the more reason to keep them away from a college environment. Students who might be interested in pursuing a military career, for example, should not, under any circumstances, expect to find anything supportive of their interests on a college campus. That would not only be "counter intuitive" but also, perhaps, a good example of an oxymoron.
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Bill Kristol, pie, Earlham College 3/29/05
Now government on campus is not frowned on per se, as long as it is student led. By definition, college-age youth are far better at thinking differently than everybody else. It would not be fair for them to be forced to compete with the pre-existing restraints imposed by oppressive, imperialistic cadres of capitalist, war-profiteering, racist, sexist, homophobic, right-wing Christian bigots illegally "elected" by a "brain-dead," brainwashed and ignorant population of pinheads forced to listen to talk radio and to watch Fox News until they are no longer able to think for themselves.
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David Horowitz, pie, Butler University, 4/6/05
Colleges exist to create new paradigms to counter the prevailing mores of existing culture. Besides, every college student knows that the world revolves around themselves, personally, and anything that threatens their non-god-given right to be free to do what they want, especially that which might involve sacrifice, self-discipline, patriotism or service to country is especially unwelcomed.

It is true that governmental money is acceptable as long as it enables the college to exist and enables the student to afford the 4 to 10 years it takes to get a Bachelor's Degree these days. But such funds should be spent only as the loudest and most obnoxious students, with the support of sympathetic faculty, should decide.

Clearly, this means that neither -military recruiters nor ROTC programs have the right to force-feed their unwanted and immoral doctrines and dogmas into the brains of innocent and immature students. This is because students should be free to be exposed to every possible philosophy of life except that which predominates in the real world.
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Pat Buchanan, salad dressing, Western Michigan, 4/31/05
So, the conclusion is clear: Students of the United States Unite! Demand that you be excused from classes and assert your right to attend the "National Conference Against the Draft & Military Recruiting." Tax-payer funded scholarships should be made available to pay all expenses and, of course, full academic credit of a minimum of 3 semester credits should be received by those who register and submit evidence of having actually attended the conference. An additional 1-unit credit should also be available for those who participate in one of the optional "rioting and demonstrating" service learning opportunities.

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