Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Two More Girls Reported Missing--Are We Seeing a Pattern Here?

Fox News is reporting that two teenage girls in unrelated circumstances have been reported missing, one in Florida and the other in California.

The California case involves 14-year old Ashleigh Markley who disappeared while visiting her grandmother in Lincoln, California on March 29. Ashleigh, who lives in Citrus Heights, near Sacramento, is believed by police to be with 29-year old Lindsay Jones (aka Lindsay Rehders) who she met at her grandmother's home at Easter.

In Florida, police are searching for 13-year old Sarah Lunde of Ruskin. Sarah has run away before but there are concerns that this time she might have been picked up by a local sexual predator. According to the Fox News report, sheriff Deputies are "checking on 24 registered sexual predators or offenders who live near the family's mobile home." (my emphasis)

Twenty-four registered predators or offenders living in the same neighborhood? What is this all about? Do they attend probation meetings together? Is there some sort of local 12-step program that they are members of? And why do these things always seem to happen around Florida trailer park areas? (Less than two months ago Jessica Lunsford was kidnapped from her Florida trailer home, sexually assaulted, murdered and buried under another nearby trailer, home to the registered sexual predator/offender who lived there--see here and here).

I pray with all my heart that these two girls will be found safe and sound or at least phone home and tell their families that they are all right.

It is hard for teenagers to understand, but one of the primary roles of the family is to provide protection and shelter from a very cruel, morally unbalanced and dangerous world that exists all around us.....sometimes even in the trailer next door.