Sunday, April 10, 2005

Isaiah and the "Old, Old Story"

Well, I spent all afternoon drafting an outline of the Book of Isaiah for my Isaiah class that begins tonight. I always produce my own outline before checking out those in commentaries or study Bibles. I then see how they all compare with each other and with my own impressions and then take the best of each to complete the project.

Isaiah is a complex piece of scripture but, as I waded through it (only knee-deep I must confess) I was sort of surprised by how simple and straighforward it seemed compared with the last time I read it straight through some years ago. The order of the chapters even made simple sense to me...even the "out of chronological order" sections. Have I grown in wisdom? Knowledge? Old age? I'm not sure, but I hope it is a sign that the Holy Spirit will bless our reading, discussion and consideration of God's word in Isaiah over the next two months!

It continues to be my constant pleasure to note that, while the words remain the same, the Holy Spirit draws out deeper meaning and clearer truth every time I re-read a passage of scripture or a book of the Bible. I expect that eternity will be no different. Every day will bring new wonder and new understanding and new appreciation for the "old, old story of Jesus and his love." It will "be my theme in glory" and I cannot imagine ever growing weary of hearing it or telling it. Like God's love and compassion, it will be "new every morning." Forever! Wow!