Wednesday, August 02, 2006

UN Deputy Secretary-General Says Hezbollah NOT a Terroist Organization

Malloch Brown, the UN Deputy Secretary-General said, earlier today, that although "Hezbollah employs terrorist tactics; it is an organization, however, whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda."

Well, yes . . . they are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda. But they share the same goal of destroying Israel.

In a curious and ironic coincidence that Mr. Brown may have been unaware of, Iran released Osama bin Laden's son, Saad bin Laden, from house arrest today with instructions for him to travel to Lebanon and recruit Sunnis to join the Hezbollah Shi'ites in their fight against Israel.

It is hard to imagine Al Qaeda and Hezbollah as "separate and different" when the two are holding hands in support of a common cause.

Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization? Yet it was organized in Lebanon by Iranian Revolutionary Guards who trained Shia recruits in the Bekaa Valley during the 1980s. It is clearly neither an indigenous Lebanese organization nor one that shares a common interest in the future of Lebanon with other political or religious groups. It is financed and supported with weapons and food and construction expertise from both Iran and Syria.

It is a "country within a country" that does not allow other Lebanese citizens or even political or military leaders within its boundaries without its permission.

On its own initiative it has repeated sent rockets into Israel from southern Lebanon. Now, as an elected participant in the Lebanese government, its actions reflect at least some complicity with the country of Lebanon as a whole, as well as its own autonomous policies.

When Hezbollah crossed recognized international boundries to murder eight uniformed Israeli soldiers (I say "murdered" because the Hezbollah fighters were dressed as civilians) and kidnapped two more and carried them back into Lebanon their actions can only be understood in one of two ways:

1. Hezbollah, acting on its own, but with the support and guidance of Syria and Iran, committed an act of terror upon the people and nation of Israel.


2. Hezbollah, acting as an elected, representative part of the Lebanese government in Beirut, committed an act of terror tantamont to a declaration of war against the nation of Israel.

In either case, the key word here is "terrorism."

I cannot imagine a non-military, non-national, foreign-supported, independent organization the commits unprovoked acts of terror against the people of a neighboring country that it has vowed to destroy being anything BUT a terrorist organization!

Nor can I fathom Brown's comments in light of Hezbollah raining down over 200 missles into Israel today indescriminantly targeting non-military civilian targets!

Perhaps Malloch Brown is suggesting that Hezbollah be considered for admission as a member of the United Nations? If so, then perhaps Israel could enter into internationally-brokered negotiations with Hezbollah as a soverign state.

Until that happens, however, Mr. Brown is simply spouting nonesense in tacit support of terror and in tacit support of those terrorist organizations who have declared their primary reason for existance to be the destruction of Israel.

Not only this but he also gets to be the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and accuse the United States of not being an even-handed broker in the current conflict!

This conflict is complex and tragic. Comments such as these by Malloch Brown dishonors those innocent Israeli and Lebanese civilians who are suffering through these violent days by giving cover to the very organization that began the conflict through an act of international terror.

If Brown's comments were not so shameful they would be silly.

P.S. U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack responded to Brown's comments by saying, "I have to say that some of his comments, as reported today, are really misguided and misplaced . . . We believe Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. And in terms of Mr. Malloch Brown's comments regarding Hezbollah, clearly, we disagree."