Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hezbollah's Occupation of Lebanon

Doesn't it seem strange that, when CNN correspondant Nic Roberts wants to visit a part of the capital city (Beirut) of a sovereign nation (Lebanon) he must get permission and be escorted by a representative of Hezbollah?
Hezbollah officials gave CNN access into the southern suburbs of Beirut -- the area thought to house the organization's headquarters . . . (Captain Ed cites a similar quote.)
Isn't it strange that Hezbollah has been preventing UN representatives from entering southern Lebanon so as to prevent them from helping local villagers from being evacuated?

Isn't it strange the the infamous Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon is off-limits to anyone except for those given permission by Hezbollah leaders?

Gee, it would almost seem as though Hezbollah was an occupying force in a country not their own!

Well, in reality, that is exactly what Hezbollah is: an occupying military force in Lebanon and Beirut.

The origin of Hezbollah comes from Lebanese Shi'a who, with Iran's backing, took advantage of the Lebanese civil war (1982-) by seizing control of southern Lebanon and resisting Israel's occupation of that border area (Israel entered southern Lebanon after driving out Arafat's PLO forces. Those PLO militants had entered Lebanon after being kicked out of the West Bank and Jordan by King Hussein of Jordan after their unsuccessfull attempt to overthrow the Jordanian government in 1974).

At first, Hezbollah was opposed by Syria but Syria soon joined Iran in supporting them, accepting them as useful in making Syria's own occupation of Lebanon possible . . . an occupation that only ended last year.

Although it was included in the new Lebanese government as a legimate political party, Hezbollah has refused to disarm and has not allowed the Lebanese army or security forces to hold any authority where they hold control.

It is curious that when the news media speaks of the West Bank region it always introduces the story with, "The Israeli-occupied West Bank."

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see the media do the same thing with Hezbollah? As in, "Hezbollah-occupied southern and eastern Lebanon" or "The Hezbollah-occupied section of Beirut."

Hezbollah is an occupying force backed and armed by Syria and Iran. They have no legitimate claim to power in Lebanon.

But you will never read this in your daily newspaper. Apparently it is not something they want you to know.