Friday, July 14, 2006

What the People of Lebanon Are Thinking: Blog Comments From the Front

LGF posts the following comments written by Lebanese folks who are sick and tired of Hezbullah:

Cries for Help from Lebanon
At Ynet News, a Lebanese Christian issues a cry
for help in the comments to this article: IDF bombs Hizbullah stronghold in
Beirut. (Hat tip: Joe S.)

24. A message to the IDF

Please free
our beloved tortured country from these crazed mullah-followers. Free our land
from these bloody syrian and iranian agents. we want to live in peace.

Please take caution to focus your attack where they are and not attack
christian areas. we support you and bear you no ill will.

May god bless

Lebanese christian, Damour area (07.14.06)

7/13/06 8:36:01 pm:

More cries for help from Lebanon, from the comments
at Ynet News:

Peretz: We’ll break Hizbullah.

22. Please no more
empty words

I beg of Israel not to back off!!!!!!

Please ignore
the world and really go after hizbalah.

hizbalah is a foreign
iranian/syrian implant in our beloved lebanon.

wipe them out , kill
their leaders one by one. we want to live in peace with civilized nations.

Thank you

farid of lebanon (07.14.06)

Israel hits petrol
tanks near Beirut airport.

7. Israel go ahead

I’m lebanese
Christian from beirut, i hope Israel can reach hezbolla in their bed and kills
them, and also let Israel strike the syrian president,, I wish this strike will
finish soon,, with less civilian,, we are in the Christian area of beirut
feeling happy about the strike, but psychologically we are affected,,everybody
hates hezbolla here,,

I hope this will finish

nadim, lebanon

IDF: If Hadera is hit we’ll destroy Beirut buildings.

13. lebanese

to the person who said that palestinian and
lebanese are one people well ur so damn wrong we are not like the palestinien
and we do not want to fight their war, we only want out country we want peace
and we want to get over with hizbulla, hopefully soon, so don’t link the
lebanese to any of the arab world peope caus they are a bunch of f-cked up

elie, lebanon (07.13.06)