Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel vs. the World

I'm praying for God to intervene in the Middle East this week as Israel appears to have been caught in a well-planned and well-executed coordinated assualt by both Hamas in the south (Gaza) and Hezbolla in the north (Lebanon).

By all accounts the attacks appear to have been directed from Iran through the usual suspects in Syria.

Israel is now in a real bind. Its military is stretched thin, now occupying much of Gaza and gathering its forces along its border with Lebanon. All the while it continues to occupy the entire West Bank and, of course, East Jerusalem.

It will not come as a surprise for Syria to be used next to launch rockets or some other attack against Israel. Iran has already coopted this possibility by warning Israel that, should they respond to any attack from Syria, Iran would enter the conflict with overwhelming force.

The European Union and the individual nations of Germany, France (etc.) have all chastened and criticized Israel for "overreacting" to the situation and for using "disproportionate force."

I suppose enduring over one thousand rocket attacks from Gaza since Israel withdrew last year is not sufficient reason for France to consider Israel's response justified. Well, c'est la vie et ferme la bouche!

There are two wrinkles in this current scenario that make me more than nervous. Both concern Iran.

1. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told the United Nations and the major nations that have offered an incentive package for halting their nuclear enrichment program that they must wait until August 22 for his response. Why August 22? What does that date represent? One site (with a clear bias!) suggests that the date may have been chosen more for theological and historical significance that for any other. Most significant, perhaps, is that August 22 represents the historical date that the Muslim leader Saladin recaptured the city of Jerusalem from the Crusaders.

2. Iran may have developed or acquired a nuclear weapon. Would they dare to use it against Israel? I believe that they are morally capable of making such a decision.

Such an attack would generate an immediate nuclear retaliation from Israel and draw virtually every Middle Eastern nation and most of the West into total chaos and what could turn out to be the greatest political, security and economic disaster in world history.

Consider the closure of virtually every oil field in the Middle East. Consider the hoards of trained suicide bombers and other Islamist thugs streaming out across the European and Asian continents as well as seeking entrance to the United States, Canada and Mexico to work their pre-planned terror.

The Iranian President seems to believe that such a world conflagaration could mark the return of the Mahdi, the "hidden Imam" of the Shi's tradition. The Mahdi is expected to initiate a world caliphate and the suppression and submission of all infidel nations and individuals to Islam.

In the meantime, Israel clearly has its hands full. What we are seeing is clearly not simply the coincidence of random attacks by two disconnected terror groups against the state of Israel. Something far more sinister is afoot.

Aside from a nuclear attack how else could Iran attack Israel without having to pass through Iraq (and perhaps Jordan as well)?

This is why I began this post by refering to my prayer for God to intervene.

At this point it does not appear likely for anyone else to do so on Israel's behalf.