Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Moral Evil of Iraqi Terrorism

When before in the history of the world has an armed militia adopted the strategy of murdering their own people in order to defeat an enemy? The answer is, of course, never before.

Yet that is what is happening in Iraq today.

Whatever may be motivating them to do so, the tangled web of competing terrorist/insurgent groups in Iraq have apparently adopted the common strategy of pursuing their goals by blowing up fellow Iraqis.

The twisted morality of this approach is unfathomable. Yet there are countless millions in the world who believe that the United States should be held accountable for every one of these unfortunate and tragic deaths.

Just how foolish and blind these countless millions are can be shown by simply pointing out the obvious moral truth that those who blow people up are the ones who must bear the responsibility for their deaths.

For example, if the police, acting on a warrant, broke into your house and you grabbed your wife and children and said, "Get out of my house, now, or I'll shoot my family," they would rightly consider you to be either morally evil, psychotically deranged or both. Should you then choose to murder your wife and children (or the wife and children of your neighbor next door) it would not be the police who would be held responsible for the killings but you...and rightly so!

Unfortunately, the present time appears to be a golden age for terrorists.

Day after day Iraqi civilians are shot, stabbed, beheaded and blown up while lining up for work, shopping for food or for simply going to visit a member of their family.

And the world media and a morally bankrupt world justifies these killings saying that, "If the United States was not in Iraq these killings would never have taken place. Since, therefore, the United States is morally responsible for their deaths, it is morally imperative for the United States to leave Iraq as quickly as possible so as to prevent even more Iraqis from being murdered."

What foolishness! The evil is in the hearts of those who kill them.

Consider another example: What if, upon entering Germany following the Battle of the Bulge in WW II, the United States and its Allies found that the German army had discarded their uniforms, hidden their arms and munitions throughout the country and began to blow up and otherwise murder thousands of German citizens rather that attacking the allied troops? Consider then that the spokesmen for these murderous Germans demanded that either the allied troops withdraw from Germany or that the killing and murdering of the German people would continue.

The civilized world would have recoiled in horror at such barbarism.

(In truth the German government and military DID murder hundreds of thousands of their own civilian citizens and over 10 million people from other countries during WW II.

Even so, they did so as uniformed members of a national military acting under orders of a sovereign government and were subsequently condemned, tried and rightly punished by those who defeated them.)

Who in their right mind would have held the United States guilty of those deaths both real and (in my example) imagined?

Yet, as regards the terrorist killings in Iraq today, the world is doing just that.

The reality is that the moral gulf between Iraqi terrorist/insurgents and the US military deployed in that country is so vast as to be beyond imagination itself.

Let me ask two final questions to point out the difference:

1. Would the world be a better place if every member of the US military and their supporters were to be either locked up in prison or killed outright?

It would be hard to imagine any sane person arguing that this would be true.

On the other hand,

2. Would the world be a better place if every member of the murderous Iraqi terrorist/insurgent groups and their supporters were to be either locked up in prison or killed outright?

Anyone who does not answer an unequivocable "Yes" to this question is a fool.