Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is Israel a Stooge of the United States?

I have read reports (here, here, here & here) both yesterday and again this morning that Israel may be putting its plans to invade Lebanon as far north as the Litani River on hold due to pressure from the Bush Administration.

What? Is it true? Is Israel truly a stooge, a lackey of the United States just as the Arab/Muslim world has been screaming about for decades?

If these stories are true then I might have to rethink this whole matter. Maybe, just maybe, the "Arab Street" is right after all.

When Bush says, "Go ahead, attack Hezbollah," Israel attacks.

When Bush says, "Go ahead, you have the right to defend yourself," Israel defends itself.

When Bush says, "Here are some more precision bombs since you are running low," Israel continues its bombing.

When Bush says, "Hey, give it a rest for a couple of days to let things cool down," Israel halts its attacks for two days.

When Bush says, "Thanks for holding back, green light again," Israel resumes its attack.

When Bush says, "Gee, Hezbollah is just withdrawing to the north, maybe Israel needs to go a little deeper into Lebanon," Israel charges north to the Litani River.

When Bush says, "Uh, no . . . I really didn't mean that . . . you'd better call that off . . . you know, there must have been some misunderstanding (but don't tell anybody I said anything . . . wink, wink, nudge, nudge and all that)," Israel pulls back.

This is insanity! Either Bush is manic-depressive with symptoms of schizophrenia or else Israel's Olmert has an American leash around his neck like an Iraqi prisoner in Abu Graib.

Wars are not children's games that end when one child starts crying or takes the ball and goes home in a huff.

Wars are not directed like an orchestra with a "conductor" who causes everything to stop now and again during rehearsal to talk things over with the musicians in preparation for some future performance where everything will turn out near-perfectly!

Wars are messy and bloody and create suffering and death and destruction. No amount of "rehearsal" can prepare any army for every possible configuration on the field of battle.

In wars, politicians must let the generals run the show within clearly established guidelines stating what is to be accomplished and with what resources.

When politicians begin telling the generals what to do then the war has already been lost.

It is now beginning to look as though Hezbollah will be victorious in its invasion of and war with Israel.

If Israel is, indeed, doing the bidding of the United States then it has sold its soul for a mess of pottage and is on shaky ground as to whether it can still be considered a sovereign, free and independent nation.

If Hezbollah is allowed to "survive" intact militarily as well as politically then Israel may as well take Iranian President Ahmadinejab's "suggestion" to close up shop in Palestine and set up as a new country someplace in Europe.

I am beginning to catch a whiff of the fragrance of burning flesh . . . a peculiar odor last noted on the day that Auchwitz was liberated.

I pray to God that I am mistaken.

UPDATE: Perhaps I WAS mistaken!