Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Iran and the Infamous Date of August 22

I have commented several times on the specificity of Iran giving August 22nd as the day they would respond to the UN's demand that they cease their production of enriched unranium. The date had some unique and seemingly more than coincidental connections with events in Islamic history in general and Shi'ite theology in particular.

As it turned out nothing extraordinary transpired yesterday except for Iran's "apocalyptic" attack against a Romanian oil platform in the Persian Gulf.

Although some, like Dean Barnett (at & Captain Ed have scoffed at the "silliness" that surrounded the choice of this particular date I feel that a small dose of paranoia is not necessarily a bad thing when considering the complex angles of diplomacy and foreign policy in a religious and political culture as shadowy and labyrinthine as Iran's.

Captain was, I think, a little bit more judicial in has reflection on the August 22nd speculation:

Even in hindsight I will not apologize for my own speculations. They were and are a small reflection of my own personal belief that a lot of bad things are still going to take place before the US and its "allies" in the war against radical Islam gain any semblance of control.

Until then our enemies and antagonists will continue to keep us all off-balance.

If nothing less we are gaining a steep learning curve and that in itself is a good thing!