Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family Calls for Release of Kidnapped Fox Reporter In Gaza

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMy wonderful wife's best friend happens to be a cousin to the Fox News reporter Steve Centanni recently kidnapped in Gaza. Today his brother, Ken, and sister, Gina, released personal statements calling for his release. In support of the Cittani family I reproduce those statements here.
GINA CENTANNI -- "We deeply believe that all human beings share a common longing for peace. Even when we are driven by desperation or fear or rage, the most authentic part of any human being is our ability to access our humanity. Remember how to love and how to tolerate and understand.

Nobody believes this more than Steve. So, in that sense, he's our brother but he is your brother too. And to Steve we want to say that we love you and that we're thinking about you every minute of every day. We're feeling lots of emotions right now but the one thing we're not feeling is despair. You are a man of courage, compassion, integrity and hope. We've taken comfort in the absolute knowledge that if anybody can hang in there in a situation like this, you can. We feel sure that you're going to be OK. See you soon."

KEN CENTANNI -- "Our brother, Steve Centanni, was kidnapped on August 14th, last Monday. I would like his captors to know that Steve is an honorable man who always tries to do what is right. Steve has strong respect for the Palestinian people and their culture. Steve was in Gaza with Olaf Wiig to report the truth. He is far more valuable to the Palestinian people free as a journalist than as a captive. We love Steve very much and now his health, his safety and his life is your responsibility. Please, contact our family. Let us know that he is alive and unharmed."
Please keep Steve and Olaf in your prayers as well as their friends and families. Pray for their safe release.