Monday, November 21, 2005

Gaza Palestinians Launch Fake Kosher Products Into Israel

A "Krembo" is a round biscuit topped with foamy cream and chocolate. It is a seasonal kosher treat popular with Jews all over the world.

No one at the border crossing between Gaza and Israel had ever heard of "Sambo's Krembos" before (I'm serious....I am not making this up!). After some investigation the Krembos were found to have been made in Gaza and packaged with forged kosher lables and certificates.

When the question arose as to whether the "Sambo Krembos" might possibly have been successfully exported overseas, one man claimed that he had seen them in a kosher store in Cooper City, Florida.

It is not true that Israeli border guards spent several hours checking out each fraudulent Krembo to see if plastic explosives, ammunition or suicide bombers had been hidden inside.

When questioned concerning this rumor the guards were unable to answer. It seems that they were still too busy licking their fingers.

(Sambo's? Krembos? You've got to be kidding...Right?.....)