Monday, November 21, 2005

CNN Slaps "X-Rating"On Cheney During Speech Today

Image hosted by According to Drudge Report, when CNN did a live telecast of Vice-President Dick Cheney delivering a speech at the American Enterprise Institute this morning, a mysterious, large, black "X" appeared superimposed over his face at regular intervals, each time for less than a second.

The photo at the top of the post was taken from a "freeze frame" on a video of the broadcast.

CNN has not yet responsed to enquiries nor yet offered any explaination.

I suppose that someone at CNN will lose their job over this.....unless they are given a promotion, instead!

UPDATE: After a good airing out on the internet (bless their pajama-bottomed souls) the concensus is that the "X" appeared as part of a video/electronic glitch. You can just hear the sound of air being sucked out of everyone who thought they had discovered another MSM conspiracy! Michelle Malkin has the final update and Hugh Hewitt has some good links to wrap this story up good and tight.