Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Woman's Attempt to Foil Car Theft Fails....Bare-ly

Here in Hawaii, we are used to the whimsical side of life. On Monday morning, for example, a woman, camping at Mokuleia on Oahu's North Shore heard suspicious sounds coming from outside her tent. As she peeked out she saw a man about to steal her car and drive off.

She dashed out of the tent and jumped onto the hood of her car, hoping to startle the man and cause him to stop. We can only assume that the man was, indeed, startled when he saw a completely naked woman jump onto the front of the car he was trying to steal!

The man kept his composure long enough to swerve back and forth until he threw the nude former car owner onto the side of the road and drove away, chased by another car driven by a friend of the woman. Eventually he got clean away by smashing into the pursuing car and leaving it behind.

The woman, whose name was discretely withheld from the public record, was treated at the Wahiawa Hospital and later released with minor injuries.

The woman was a visitor from Washington state. When she gets home and her friends ask her how her trip to Hawaii went......I would love to hear what she tells them!