Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Man Abandons Wife,Dies, Falls & Suffocates Daughter; Huh?

According to the AP article on CNN, Hollywood producer, Terry Carr drove off with his nine-year old daughter, Arieka, leaving his wife, Chikako, behind in a grocery store restroom in Ashland, Oregon. He then drove 280 miles south to Clearlake Oaks, California, where, the following morning, his body, lying on top of his suffocated daughter, was found in the back of his SUV in a convenience store parking lot.

The body was found on August 1st. His wife has no idea why he drove off without her. He dumped a box of belongings, including important personal papers and photos, in a pasture on the outskirts of Ashland a few days before he disappeared. His brother, John, lives in Clearlake Oaks but said he had not heard from Carr. Police now say that Carr died of a heart attack.

Hmmm. Sounds like a case for Miss Marple. Lots of questions here....

Who died first, Carr or his daughter?
Was her death accidental or intentional?
Had Carr suffered from depression?
Was he bi-polar?
Had he evidenced any indication of being suicidal?
Was he taking medication for depression, high blood pressure, etc?
Had he stopped taking any medications?
Had he and his wife had any arguments recently?
If so, what were the arguments about?
Why couldn't a 52 pound, 9-year old girl at least turn her head to the side and breathe, even with a 212 pound man on top of her?

I guess it took 3+ weeks to complete the autopsy. I wonder what else they found....such as medications, etc. in his body?

Something just doesn't add up with the story as I read it. I'm not usually a suspicious sort of guy, but this is almost too weird for me to swallow whole!