Sunday, May 15, 2005

Honoring the Fallen--Line-Of-Duty Law Enforcement Memorial

President Bush honored the 156 Law Enforcement officers who lost their life on-the-job this past year. Sadly, two of these deaths took place here in Hawaii; one in Honolulu and one on Maui.

It struck me as almost coincidental that this figure is almost exactly 1/10 of the total of American military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Iraq (etc.) since 2001 (which recently passed the 1,600 mark). This would mean that, over a three year period, we lost only 3 times more military personnel in war than we did here at home in law enforcement!

I know that this comparison is not statistically sound. I even know why. But it does give pause to consider, given the comparison, just how few casualties we have suffered in these Afghan/Iraqi wars. For each life lost, at home or abroad, we must (sadly) give thanks. But we can also give thanks that there have not been more!

For law enforcement statistics, etc., you will find a great official website here.