Saturday, January 06, 2007

Maliki Will Attack Militias--Maybe I Was Right After All

Last Wednesday I posted on a report from the Strategy Page that American and Iraqi forces were starting to go after al-Sadr's militia. No confirmation of this report ever surfaced. The "72-hour rule" was imposed and now, today, at the last minute, al-Maliki declares that he is going to go after al-Sadr's militias.

I am intrigued that Strategy Page seemed to know this before al-Maliki knew it but nonetheless the announcement, while way overdue, is very welcome.

No doubt, as Captain Ed suggests, the timing is related to a two-hour video consultation between President Bush and Maliki this morning . . . a conversation that no doubt could be summed up as, "fish or cut bait."

I also expect that this will be part of the "new strategy" that Bush will present next week. Right now it looks like the strategy will be, for better or worse, "surge lite."