Friday, December 29, 2006

"Aloha Ball" for Saddam Hussein

Here in Hawaii the phrase "Aloha Ball" refers to "game point" in a University of Hawaii volleyball match. It means that the game is just about over and the business of the day is almost complete.

Today is "Aloha Ball" day for Saddam Hussein. His execution is scheduled for this evening Hawaii time (Saturday, Iraq time). The "game" is just about over and the business of removing this tyrannical despot from power and influence is almost complete.

I have expressed my thoughts on the moral and legal rightness in his execution in an earlier post. For those who would like to consider the moral/religious aspects of this matter in a little more detail (especially from a Roman Catholic perspective) should be sure to read what Professor Bainbridge and Captain Ed have to say on the subject.

As I have said before, I will take no pleasure in Saddam's death. But I will shed no tears for him, either. He could have been a great man . . . and a good man for Iraq. But he squandered his potential greatness for lust, greed, wealth and power, all paid for in the blood of hundreds of thousands of his own people and those of Iran and Kuwait as well.

I will weep for what might have been and I will weep for the innocent victims of his twisted and demonic sense personal destiny.

I will also pray that his death will, in some unfathomable way, mark the re-birth of a free, prosperous and peaceful Iraq.