Thursday, December 28, 2006

Two More Reasons to Crush Iran With Sanctions

Well, if we did not already have enough reasons to declare Iran to be a member of the "axis of evil" we now have two more:

1. At least four Iranian military/diplomatic agents have recently been caught in a raid by Iraqi and American troops in Baghdad. At Iran's insistance, the two diplomats were released and immediately returnd to Iran. The other two are still being held. All four were captured in a setting used by terrorists to formulate and carry out murderous attacks on both American troops and Iraqis. Have you read this in your local newspaper lately? I didn't think so.

2. It is become clear that Iran is funneling large sums of money through Syria and into Gaza. The money is being used as an incentive for independent Palestinian terrorists to fire rockets into Israel from Gaza. Thousands of dollars are given as a reward for every rocket that is fired. Bonus money is given if the rockets kill or injure Israelis. Iran, who funds and supports Hizbullah in Lebanon, is now spreading its wings to create as much mischief in the Middle East as possible.

It has already been revealed that new guns and sophisticated "IEDs" manufactured in Iran have been repeatedly found inside of Iraq. These devices are specifically made with the intent of killing American soldiers. They have been successful in this far too many times.

It should be as plain and plain can be that Iran sees itself at war with the United States. It is killing our soldiers in Iraq and doing so with no shame or apology. They are placing the world at-risk by destablizing the country of Lebanon and undermining whatever efforts that are being made to bring peace of any kind to bear on the conflicts between Israel and the Palestinian people.

Iran wants anything but peace in the Middle East. It also wants as many Americans dead as it can get away with.

Other writers have already commented on the irony of Iran demanding the release of their Iraqi diplomats after their unprecedented taking hostage of the entire staff of the United States Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and holding them for 444 days before finally deciding to release them.

Iran is led by a government that should be viewed as a pariah. The government of Iran should be shunned, humiliated and crushed by whatever economic and political sanctions that can be imposed by the United States and its allies--whether with the support of the United Nations and/or other regional alliances or unilaterally.

The isolation of Iran should be, after Iraq, the number one priority of the United States. The time is now. The sooner the better.