Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jesus Dolls--They Can't Even GIVE Them Away!

UPDATE: Apparently someone from Toys for Tots actually spoke with an actual Muslim and was told something along the lines of, "Uh . . . As Muslims we honor Jesus as a Prophet of God and respect what he said and taught. Why would we be offended to receive this as a gift?" I'm not exactly sure what a Jewish representative said but whatever it was the Toys for Tots people have changed their minds and have accepted the gift of 4,000 Jesus dolls for distribution to children this Christmas. Just for the heck of it, I'll assume this means that the story has had a happy ending!

The Marine Reserves' Toys for Tots program has turned down a donation of 4,000 "Bible-Quoting" Jesus dolls.

Toys for Tots vice president Bill Grein said, "We can't take a chance on sending a talking jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family. Kids want a gift for the holiday season that is fun."

On the one hand, I guess that means that "Christ" has now officially been taken out of "Christmas!"

On the other hand, in spite of the irony, I actually agree with this decision!

Don Asmussen's Bad Reporter comic (from today's SF Chronicle) offers an alternative, off-the-wall spin to the "Jesus Doll" phenomenon.

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Who would'a guessed! Karl Rove outfoxed by Jesus!