Friday, November 10, 2006

A Malaysian Christian Speaks Out

I have just received a comment from a Christian in Malaysia. The comment, while new, was prompted by an article I posted well over a year ago. I guess that what we post on the internet does in fact hang around for a very long time! In this case I am glad because the response is very insightful as to how at least one Malaysian Christian feels about living in a country overwhelmingly dominated by Islam, the "Religion of Peace."

Take a moment and read something clearly writting from the heart (any identifying names have been removed or altered):
dear pastor,

We live with the message that islam is the religion of peace here in Malaysia. The government allows us to build places of worship and to congregate, however, at the friday sermons, there will always be element of hatred towards the non-muslims and western culture.

You sometimes find a bunch of monkeys rioting and taking the streets in front of the UN building, with their 5 year old kids to protest the oppression of the muslims in Lebanon. Not based on humanity but rather religion.

It is extremely difficult for a non muslim here in Malaysia to critic and comment about Islam let alone have a dialogue without fear of getting harmed.

There is no tradition or the culture of self-criticism on their part.

I was extremely disappointed when Pres. Bush made his remarks after 9/11 that Islam is a religion of peace. None of that is true and yet we are to be PC when coming to the subject of Islam.

What is the use of their theme of peace when they take the street with violence and threats of harm, even to the Pope?
I don't know what to say in response. So I'll just let the comment stand on its own.

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