Saturday, November 04, 2006

Army/Air Force Cadets Unite On John Kerry

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Nothing is more partisan than a football contest between any two of our three U.S. Military Academies. Last night's game between West Point (Army) & Colorado Springs (Air Force) proved to be the exception to the rule. And what magical power was able to bring the dissonant voices of a immovable object and an irresistable force into boistrous and cheerful harmony and unity?

John Kerry!

From Blackfive we get this account:
A West Point Cadet sends this along with the photo below:

I'm a cadet at West Point, and tonight at our game against the Air Force Academy, a big sign emerged, and it was shown to the Corps of Cadets, who cheered wildly, and then shown to the Air Force cadets, who also cheered.
The message of reconciliation and peace can be found in the photo at the top of this post.

It's nice to see that, under the right circumstances, a politician can actually be a uniter rather than a divider!

By the way, the final score was Air Force 43 Army 7.

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