Friday, September 22, 2006

World Trade Center Collapse Photo--Why Haven't I Seen This One Before?

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Have you seen this photo before? I hadn't. It's spectacular as well as horrifying. This is the first tower (WTC #2) to fall. The initial tilt of the tower reveals the side that initially gave way in the collapse. The massive weight of the now-disconnected top of the tower quickly collapsed the other side of the tower enough to more or less even out the toppling.

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, as the second tower collapsed "live" on CNN's replay, I noticed that a slice of the WTC tower's facade at least 40+ stories talls stood for a brief second or two after the tower had completely fallen. I had never noted this before either.
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Nothing really important about all this. But the details are always help keep the whole thing from becoming completely abstract.

Remember, there were living, breathing people still alive on the top floors of the towers as they began their falls into oblivion.

And don't forget the people who caused this horror . . . and why!

HT:lgf for the photo