Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Pope Has No Reason to Apologize--Captain Ed Morrissey Agrees With Me!

So, the Pope has apologized in various ways and means and words three times now for "anything said" that might have been considered offensive to any Muslim in any place, mosque or cave.

What have these apologies accomplished so far?

1. Repeated cries from Muslim leaders that the apologies have not gone far enough;

2. Calls for his death by Muslim clerics;

3. The cruel and bigoted murder of an Italian nun in Somalia; and,

4. The firebombing of two Christian churches in Gaza (neither of which was Roman Catholic).

5. A call for the murder of all Christians in Iraq (one was already murdered there today).

Ed Morrissey, of Captain's Quarters, who is himself a Roman Catholic, has posted a "letter" to Pope Benedict XVI in which he calls on the Pope to speak the truth and not apologize for it . . . especially under the threat of physical violence.
I'm angry about the fact that a speech given by you has been manipulated by Muslims into rationales for their violence. I'm also angry because your apology this morning -- which at least did not extend to withdrawing your main point of the speech -- seems to give credence to their rationales.

In this, you appear to have withdrawn at least partially from your main point -- that the rejection of reason and dialogue amounts to a rejection of God, within whom reason and faith finally meet. You bravely attempted to open a Socratic dialogue with Muslims on this very point, inviting them to move away from violence and extortion in the spread of their faith and encouraging them to use rhetoric and reason to support their doctrines.

They answered you by murdering one of your flock . . .

Do not apologize for speaking the truth. Stand up to the threats and violence and make the world understand that no one of any faith or of no faith at all has to be cowed or intimidated into silence.
Read the whole post. As often happens, his words capture my feelings far better than I can express them myself.

Note: For other excellent, thoughtful and bold commentary I suggest visiting The Anchoress and then check out what RC Father Raymond J. de Sousa has to say at the National Post.