Friday, September 01, 2006

The Tweedie Twiplets Are Here!

My nephew, Nathan Tweedie, and his wife, Cathy, became the proud parents of triplets yesterday morning in Los Angeles. Child "A" (the first delivered by the c-section) was a boy, 4lbs 8 oz, 19" long; Child "B" was a boy, 4lbs 15 oz, 17" long and; Child "C" was a girl, 4lbs 4oz, 16.5" long. Everyone is doing fine and my brother Tim and wife Judy are proud grandparents for the first time!

The babies have names but they are still a secret until tomorrow after the birth certificates have been signed.

Nate and Cathy have many busy, happy, busy, wonderful and busy days, weeks and years ahead of them. They have been triply-blessed!

As the bumper sticker I saw earlier this week put it, "Got Triplets?"