Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Protests In Tehran

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Did you hear about the tens of thousands of protesters flooding the streets of major cities today? Of course you did. But . . . did you see the name, "Tehran," on the list of cities? Of course not! Why would the U.S. media want you to know that?

Actually, to their credit, even CNN carried the report of 10,000 protesters marching through Tehran today, chanting and carrying signs. Some media outlets implied that the protest was against the United States but it wasn't. It was a labor protest against the government of Iran.

Regime Change Iran carries photos of today's march and is kind enough to translate what the signs actually say.
"We have not been paid in 14 months."
"Why do you make promises you know you will not keep."
"To strike is our undeniable right."
"Ministry of labor must be corrected and cleaned up."
and my personal favorite:
"Let Palestine be, think about us for once."
It appears that the people of Iran are more interested in putting food on their tables than they are about their government's enriched uranium program (have you ever tried to eat uranium?)

On the other hand, I don't believe that Iran suffers from an influx of 11 million illegal immigrants.

Why, I wonder, are people not flocking to Iran? Hmmm . . .