Monday, May 01, 2006

"Immigration March" in Los Angeles--An Anecdote

My daughter #1 was driving through Compton this afternoon when she called me to pass on a message. While talking she mentioned that she had passed two public elementary schools where children were out on the play area waving signs and banners in support of the "Immigration March" today. One sign my daughter saw clearly spoke specifically about defeating HR 4437.

I don't know about you but I have not known too may elementary school children who are that up to speed on proposed congressional legislation . . . especially by knowing the bill number.

Someone set these kids up and have abused them to promote something that is far too complex for these children to understand or have an opinion about.

If it is the school administrators or teachers that put them up to this they should be reprimanded and/or fired . . . no matter how popular their message is in their communities.

If parents put them up to this then the school administrators are still guilty of allowing and supporting a partisan political demonstration on thier school campus.

It would appear that we are seeing evidence of anarchy among those in our society who ought to be modeling and teaching the rule of law to our children. And we're paying them, too!

But nothing will come of it, of course.

Now, if a child had tried to lead a prayer or had brought an American flag to school that would never have been tolerated. So, so sad.