Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Western Civilization's Last Stand In Europe

A new, prophetic, troubling and convincing analysis of the growing confrontation between Muslim immigrants (including Islamist radicalism) and the "indigenous" representatives of Western European culture (by which I mean those we have commonly referred to as "the Danes" or "the French" or "the Germans" or "the British" etc.). The post, entitled "The Fall of France and the Multicultural World War" was written by the Norwegian blogger Fjordman and posted at The Gates of Vienna.

Like my previous posts from last January (Mark Steyn Predicts the Collapse of "The West"--Sadly, I Agree) and April of last year (Is Europe As We Have Known It Beginning To Disintegrate?) Fjordman provides several likely scenarios that may emerge from the "Clash of Civilizations" in Europe.

These scenarios range from "Eurabia" wherein Europe slowly capitulates to Muslim domination, "Global War" wherein violent civil war erupts like falling dominoes in one nation after another against Islamist forces, beginning in Europe and spreading across the globe (with millions of deaths and the fragmentation of the world into Muslim-held and non-Muslim held territory . . . Potentially leading to the mass expulsion of Muslims from non-Muslim areas and vice-versa) or "Western Resurgence" wherein the majority population of Europe takes the lead in reclaiming their cultural heritage and takes a bold stand against the growing Islamist threats from within and without.

Personally, I believe that the liberal/socialist European dream (or should I say, "religion") is so deeply ingrained that it will be virtually impossible for any current Continental political party to have either the historical insight, the philosophical/moral foundation or the political fortitude to take the radical actions that would be necessary to mitigate the looming catastrophe.

The "common sense" philosophy of the United States (with its strong Judeo/Christian moral foundation) and Canada (with its liberal leadership but still reasonable majority population) will be far more likely to take strong and prudent positions to forestall such a crisis in North America. North America has the additional advantage of having our largest immigrant labor force comprised of Latin Americans who carry at least some form of Roman Catholic or Protestant Christian faith and world view along with them. (Unlike Europe whose immigrant labor force is overwhelmingly comprised of Muslims from North African and elsewhere.)

Please take the time to read Fjordman's post and, if you have not done so already, follow the links to my previous posts as well as Mark Steyn's. Current events seem to be supportive of our fears and warnings.

And don't forget to fall on your knees and to pray for peace . . . the kind that only the one true God, the Lord of history, can provide.