Wednesday, March 08, 2006 Offers Abu Ghraib Photos In Exchange for Their Soul

Captain Ed reports that is trying to entice paid subscribers with a solicitation letter that reveals that they are "planning to release hundreds more photos taken inside Abu Ghraib."

Editor Joan Walsh then goes on to write, "I'm contacting you and other former Salon Premium members to make sure these photos reach a large audience. Your expired Premium membership supported our ongoing mission to speak truth to power, but we need your help again now."

Gee, I wonder why they may have let their subscriptions lapse . . . could it be because they had grown tired of all the Abu Ghraib hype that the media used for self-promotion and anti-Bush/anti-war propaganda two years ago? What makes Salon think that even more photos will lure them back? The Bible declares that a "dog returns to its vomit." Perhaps that is what has in mind?

In a remarkable demonstration of chutzpah, the letter's final paragraph begins, "We'll do our job with integrity and diligence."


In any case, I have written the following letter letting then know my thoughts on the matter:

I understand that you are attempting to woo subscribers by planning to publish more photographs of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse. Why would anyone want to rehash a news story that is over 2 years old and with all the players either convicted or charged with military crimes?

These photos are not newsworthy. They will in no way shed any more light on the misadventure nor will they inject any new information into the story than we already have.

It appears to me that your proposed project serves no other purpose than to effect emotion . . . all of it negative and pointless . . . except to effectively defame, tar and feather all American troops new serving in Iraq none of whom had anything to do with the photographs or the incident they represent.

On the other hand, the new images will be well received by the Islamist terrorists who will, without any doubt whatsoever, use them to stir up even more anger and hatred against the United States, encourage more volunteer recruits as suicide bombers, successfully prolong the conflict in Iraq and contribute to the death of many more American servicemen and women.

Jesus once asked, "What does it profit someone if they gain the world but lose their soul?"

Please do not "sell your soul" for a few subscriptions. Personally, I would be ashamed to have readers who would be enticed by what you are offering them.