Friday, February 03, 2006

When It Comes to Islamic Radicals Truth & Fiction Sometimes Converge

Consider this photograph of a Muslim protester in London the other day. He clearly takes the matter of defending Muhammed's honor against Danish cartoon caricatures very seriously.

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Consider the same photograph photo-shopped by some anonymous blogger.

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I think this second "sign" speaks closer to the truth of the protestor's misplaced religious fervor that the one he wrote himself.

The irony, of course, is that most of the controversial cartoons depicted Muhammed (as representative of radical Islamist terrorists) as being inclined to violence.

Is Muhammed's character and reputation so shakey and unstable that the only way to defend him is to murder his detractors?

The intellectual and moral sophistication of this brand of Islam does not yet appear to have risen above the level of "brain stem" intelligence.

As I have said so many times before, the West may be forced to defend herself against this onslaught of moral and spiritual bankruptcy but, in the end, it will be the responsibility of Muslim leaders to moderate and contain this movement by projecting and demanding a higher vision for the Muslim faith.

If Muslim leaders are unable or unwilling to stand against this sub-human response to competing world views then Islam, as a whole, and those who practice it, will, of necessity, be forever branded as the lowest and worst usage of this term.

Here is my own photo-shopped caricature of the image which Islam has presented to the world during the past week (you can view the original image here):

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I pray that those who represent the highest and noblest ideals of the Muslim faith will rise up and convince me that I am in error.

In all honesty, I would be very happy if that should that happen.