Sunday, January 29, 2006

Smiles In Worship

Well, it happened. The sort of thing you read about in Reader's Digest. The sort of thing that keeps ministers up at night in cold sweats. This morning I happened to me.

During the responsive reading of our Call to Worship (Pslam 150) I was supposed to read the text as follows:
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
What I read, however, was something like this:
Let everything that has breas's. . .
At that point, realizing my error, I came to an abrupt halt. But the damage had been done. There was no real "out loud" laughing but there were a few soft giggles and lots of smiles.

Pro that I am, I simply started the line over again and moved on with our worship of God.

Later, after giving the matter some thought, I have decided that "everything that has breasts" should "praise the LORD."

Even if the pslamist didn't really put it that way!