Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hamas Does Not Think Highly of Rotary International

Image hosting by Photobucket. . . or of Freemasonry or Lions International for that matter.

According to a new translation of the Hamas Charter provided by MEMRI, Charter Article 28 contains the following remarkable passage:
The Zionist invasion is a cruel invasion, which has no scruples whatsoever; it uses every vicious and vile method to achieve its goals. In its infiltration and espionage operations, it greatly relies on secret organizations which grew out of it, such as the Freemasons, the Rotary Clubs, the Lions and other such espionage groups. All these organizations, covert or overt, work for the interests of Zionism and under its direction, and their aim is to break societies, undermine values, destroy people's honor, create moral degeneration and annihilate Islam.
I am shocked! SHOCKED! I had no idea that my father, as a Rotarian, was working as a Zionist agent for virtually all of his adult professional life! I feel so naive to have thought that Rotary Clubs were simply groups of community professional men and women who met to encourage friendship, cooperation, community improvement and goodwill between the nations and peoples of the world! What a fool I have been!

I think of all those poor, deceived Muslims who have joined Rotary and Lions Clubs all across the world, completely unaware that they had become part of a secret diabollical conspiracy to "create moral degeneration and annihilate Islam."

Image hosting by PhotobucketFreemasonry is, of course, intentionally secretive about its rites and rituals. As one who is not personally privy to such matters I cannot, therefor say "yea" or "nay" about the motives, beliefs and aims of these otherwise very ordinary folks.

In a free society friends are permitted to hold secrets between themselves so, if you want to find out what the Masons believe, you can find out by telling one that you'd like to join (they won't ask you . . . you must initiate the conversation). After you have passed through the First Degree you can email me and tell me all about it. I'll believe every word that you say, too!

If, on the other hand, you want to know what the Lions and Rotarians believe you can attend their weekly meetings as guest or just read what they have to say about themselves on the internet.

You will be shocked to discover, for example, that instead of the Five Purposes of the Church, the Five Pillars of Islam or the Four Spiritual Laws, Rotary boldly adheres to the 4-Way Test. Rotarians are forced to memorize and (in a sort of brain-washed way) actually govern their behavior by answering the following questions in the affirmative: Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to All Concerned? Will it Build Good Will and Better Friendships? Will it Be Beneficial to All Concerned?

Even more sinister, Rotarians are urged to commit themselves to abide by their motto, Service Above Self. They are even cajoled into supporting the movement's international goal of eradicating polio from the face of the earth! Since most polio cases are found in Third World countries populated by non-Caucasian people, it seems suspicious that these people would be supporting the injection of biological agents into the most helpless and oppressed people in the world (many of whom, of course, may well be Muslim!).

Image hosting by PhotobucketMembers of Lions Clubs are no less open to suspicion of hidden motives. Under the mystic and cryptic motto, We Serve, Lions International has grown into the world's largest civic organization with nearly 1.4 million members in 197 countries. Even more appalling is the fact that they collect discarded eyeglasses for redistribution to unsuspecting and innocent poor people around the world . . . especially taking advantage of those with poor eyesight! And, to make matters worse, many of these "discarded eyeglasses" have been suspected of having once belonged to dead people! Even people suffering from River Blindness are not safe from the agressive ministrations of this organization. Blind people have actually been pressured into undergoing (experimental?) surgical procedures that are dsigned to restore their eyesight! What a degrading policy to believe that blind people are somehow "incomplete" or "unhappy" simply because they are visually challenged!

I could go on but clearly, Hamas is on to something here. If what they say is true then it must follow that, among the most important goals of Zionism, are the giving of sight to the blind and the eradication of polio around the world.

If, from Hamas' point of view, such things are "cruel, vicious, vile, anti-social, decadent, dishonorable and degenerate" then, I think, Hamas has given us a very clear sense that the concepts of "love" and "mercy" have no place in their world-view.

Accordingly, when Hamas declares (as they do in Articles Six & Eight of their Charter) that:
The Islamic Resistance Movement is a distinct Palestinian movement that is loyal to Allah, adopts Islam as a way of life and works to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine . . . (which includes Israel, of course), and

Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model to be followed, the Koran its constitution, Jihad its way, and death for the sake of Allah its loftiest desire.
then I, for one, am tempted to pray that they will all soon attain their "loftiest desire."