Saturday, February 11, 2006

Michael Jackson Now Homeless? An Update

According to Fox News,
Today will be the seventh week in a row that employees at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch have not received paychecks.

And now I have really bad news for them: Jackson has been cut off and kicked out by Prince Abdullah, son of the King of Bahrain. He is no longer, I repeat, not doing it anymore — not funding Jackson, his kids and nanny in an extended stay in Bahrain.

The first clue that this was the case was Jackson's traveling last week from Bahrain to Germany, and then on to Italy — on commercial flights in business class. There was no more private plane.
Well, I guess that, having seen all the sights in Dubai, Jackson is hoping to spend some time researching Michelangelo before . . . who knows, learning how to dance the Karagouna in Thessaly?