Saturday, February 11, 2006

Microphone Blunder Reveals Bush To Be . . . a Gentleman?

There's an old British saying, "A true gentleman is one who uses his butter knife when he dines alone."

The point is that a person of true character is the same in private as they are in public.

Yesterday, President George Bush proved to be a man of character . . . a true gentleman.

Here's what happened: At a House Republican strategy session in Maryland, President Bush appeared and spoke publicly and on the record to the Representatives and other party leaders. The press and all visitors were then asked to leave while the President addressed the gathering privately.

Oh! What the MSM would pay to hear what Bush was saying. To get that story would be to get a Pulitzer! The headline would read, "President Caught In the Act . . . His Hypocracy Revealed!"

Well, as it turned out the MSM got to hear what the President said in private without paying a cent. It seems that some audio flunkey forgot to turn off the live microphone feed to the White House Press Room. So, Bush spoke in private and the world listened in. And what did they hear?

Not much and nothing new!

Bush simply repeated to the Republican gathering what he had already said publicly concerning the NSA warrantless surveillance situation. And that was all.

The old song said, "Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors..." Well, now we know: President Bush uses his butter knife in private.

As Captain Ed puts it, "Bet this doesn't make the front page tomorrow."