Friday, January 06, 2006

Please Help Return Anna Mae He To Her Parents

A little over one month ago I posted about the strange and surreal case of little Anna Mae He who has, for all practical purposes, been "stolen" from her parents through a series of legal maneuvers that, to be honest, seem like something from our of a Franz Kafka novel.

You can read a good summary of the case here.

Even better, you can sign this petition to restore legal custody to her parents.

If you are not convinced that you should support this petition I also encourage you to read the following Christmas greeting that the He's have written to Anna Mae....who the courts are now planning to give up for adoption with all contact with her parents being legally forbidden!

Pray for the He family. And, at the very least, sign the petition.

A greeting letter to our beloved daughter, Anna Mae,
during the holiday season.
Dear Anna,
Happy Birthday!

Your mother, father, sister and brother want you to
know that we love you and that you are always with us
in our hearts, especially during this time of year
when we celebrate your birth that is also Chinese New

A Judge that you will probably never meet decided
in May 2004 that you would no longer live with us,
but live instead with the Bakers. We do not know why
the Bakers believed they could love you more than your
mother and father. We continue to pray they take good
care of you.

Always remember that your mom is Qin Luo, is a good
woman who loves all her children. When you get older
you will read her name on your birth certificate. She
wanted you before you were born and will want and love
you every moment for the rest of her life.

Always remember that your dad is Shaoqiang He, a good
man who loves all his children. When you get older
you will read his name on your birth certificate. He
loves you now as he has from the moment he knew you
were to arrive in this world.

Your mom and dad always wish you the best in your
health, but in the event you need blood transmission
or any part of our body for medical reason, we will
always be available to you.

Your brother is Andy and your sister is Avita. Just
like you, they are lovely and adorable. Your brother
and sister have faces that always remind us of
you, though it has been a long, long time
since we last saw your face.

We wish we could look at the faces of all three of our
beloved children. We wish we could watch you all grow
and learn together. We wish all three of our children
could wake up in the same house, see each other--and

Always remember, too, that you are Chinese. We wish
you were with us so you could learn not only about
your country, America, but also learn about your
Chinese culture. We wish you could, just like your
brother and sister, speak both English and Chinese.
We wish when you wake up each morning you were
surrounded by people look like you--the
two people who created you--your mother and father.

If you were with us we would love you everyday of your
life. Even in your heart-breaking absence that does
not change. We love you and always will.
You are not in our home (your home), but you are
always in our hearts.

Mom, Dad, Andy and Avita