Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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Bush ranks USC..............Bush ranks Texas

Back in my youth I attended a Stanford-USC game in Palo Alto. OJ Simpson was playing for USC and, at half-time, the Stanford Marching Band played. The band faced the USC sidelines, pulled out Mickey Mouse caps and sang, "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-C....Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse!...."

USC won anyway.

They will tomorrow, too, in the National Championship Game against the University of Texas Longhorns.

Hugh Hewitt just doesn't get it. To his dismay he will be hearing that 3-note Trojan victory theme in his dreams for a long time to come. Here is the before-game and after-game picture of the Texas football team:

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USC is noted for its offense, with two Heisman Trophy winners, QB Matt Leinhart and RB Reggie Bush. They will do well because (as Hugh might put it) USC is notoriously offensive!

In addition, their offensive line is noted for the protection they provide (as illustrated in the following illustration).

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Texas, of course, has their own great QB named Vince Young. He is big and fast and throws the ball and helps his team score more points than any other Division I team this year. I read somewhere that there are other players on the Texas football team as well but I cannot recall who they were.

That fact, more than any other, is why USC will win tomorrow. They have a depth of talent that goes deep into their bench.

My prediction is that Texas will lead at the half by a score somewhere close to 24-17. But the second half, especially the fourth quarter, will belong to USC who will win going away, 44-34.