Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Iraqi Political Update: Sunnis & Kurds Strike Coalition Deal

The Sunnis, under Saddam Hussein, persecuted, oppressed, displaced and murdered Kurds as a matter of habit.

Today, however, the New York Times has printed a story that shows that democracy apparently has the power to turn recent enemies into cooperative friends.

It seems that the major Iraqi Sunni political party has negotiated a partnership with the Kurdish party in an effort to bring a strong opposition to the large block of Shi'ites in the newly elected Iraqi government.

This will come as another blow to the withering Sunni insurgency and another defeat to the international Islamist backers of Zarqawi's al-Qaeda faction.

Those who gleefully predicted an Iraqi civil war in response to the national election will need to eat more than their words....perhaps a good, healthy helping of crow would be in order.

ht:Captain's Quarters